Frequently Asked Questions

Here we try to answer some of the most common questions we are asked - if you don't find your answer, please give us a call.


What do I need to do?

Not a lot to be honest. After an initial chat, we'll ask you to complete our preliminary questionnaire so that we get a feel for your practice and what you want to achieve with your website. We will then create some 'demo' pages which we think may meet your requirements.  There follows an iterative process where we tweak the design until you love it!  From there, we will go on and develop the rest of the site within the agreed timescale involving you in each stage of the process.  We will not be satisfied unless you are!

How 'professional' is the professional writing?

Very -  we can call on a range of experienced Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians and marketing experts to help write the text for your site. We even have a resident Professor or Optometry to help with the spelling of the longer words!

What is 'responsive design'?

'Responsive design' means that your website will respond to the device it's being viewed on, by scaling, resizing and moving any content to optimise the user experience. This means that your site will look just as good on a phone, tablet or your PC.

Can I edit the site myself?

Yes - we will show you the basics.  Once we've completed your site, we hand over all the login details so you can edit the text to your heart's content. Alternatively, we will do it all for you so you can concentrate on looking after your patients.

Am I limited to the number of pages I can have?

Not at all. The number of pages specified for each package is just the starting point.  We offer a seamless transition from one package to another so your site can grow with your business.

Where is the hosting provider based?

Right here in the UK. We use a tried and tested service provider so your website loads quickly and is always online.

What domain name can I have?

Anything you want, well kind of.  If you already have a domain name, we can use that.  If not, we will help you find and register a domain name.

What if I already have a domain name?

That's perfectly fine. We can assign your existing domain name to the site we produce quite easily.